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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Spring is here and love is in the air! Right?

HA! Not so fast, Romeo. (record scratch) Ouch! What's up!? Maybe those of y'all living in La-La Land or New York are happily in love, but out in Tinseltown springtime is now Splitstime!

Whoa Nelly!

It's official! Hollywood's silver screen couple are biting the cake. That's right! Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson's marriage is now buried with the horses. D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Our insiders say that Jessica couldn't take anymore of Tony's wild wild nights on the phone. "Ring Ring, Can you hear me now?" UH OH! Insiders also indicate that Tony was getting all tired of having to hangout with her. Time to recycle the trash!

You know what they say...why hangout with the cow if ya got your own house! So word.

Don't forget - Ya heard it here first!


Ok, I know what you're thinking, "I thought they were in love!!!" Nope! Looks like Angelina finally decided it was time to curb Jack Black cause our sources say Angelina was seen at the grocery store yesterday and she was flying as solo as a bird without a partner. Insiders believe Angelina got pissed when JB told the French people she was pregnant. No one is sure if she broke it off because she's nervous about becoming a mother or the fact that the baby is giving her a serious beer-belly. One thing is for sure though, these two are Brooks ass Dunn. Hit the road Jack! These boots are made for single motherhood struggles! Ya heard it here first!

Slippery & Wet!

Rock of Love? More like Rock of Not! Ohhhh, punch to the heart! That's right folks, Poison may be known for their hit song "Let's Give Love a Bad Name" but it's their lead hunkface's lovelife that's getting all the attention now. Poison told our insiders yesterday that Brett is getting back together with the boys in the band. Wild Thing! Sorry all you girls looking for true love, looks like the world's most motorcycle man is back with the wildpack. Lock-up those Coronas, "Me Thirsty"! The Break-up highway is best traveled on a bus that says "F-ing Poison" on the side! Vroom Vroom! Ya heard it here first!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Twilight Delirium 2000

Twilight Delirium 2000
Recorded somewhere in 2000
in Athens, Georgia

1. Memorial Day
2. Attention Young Squires
3. Forklift Rodeo
4. Lives in Museums
5. Outdoor Industry / Flip-Scolded
6. Release the Tucson Killer
7. Hammock
8. Memorial Day

recorded by Pubes Kevin in 2000
at Hi-Fi Mastodon's house
in Athens

the night of the race

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Songs I know better than to like, but do anyways

The other contributors to this blog have joshed me for years about my terrible taste in music. I think it's all subjective, but I will readily admit that a few days spent exclusively listening to my collection of records and CDs would drive the average man insane (unless you catch me in a good period, like when I re-purchased Run D.M.C.'s "Raising Hell" a few weeks ago). But, even I have my limits. I knew that my shit was starting to slip recently when I heard these jams on my way to and fro the ATL. I know I shouldn't like these songs, but they seem to do something special for me when I hear them:
1. Powerman 5000 "When Worlds Collide": Prior to this year's NFL draft, I spent an inordinate amount of time perusing Youtube looking for highlight clips of bright new prospects. Almost without exception, the assclown(s) charged with stringing together said highlight clips chose to use some gawdawful nu-metal song as the backing track. You know, like "Here Comes the Boom" or any type of Rage Against the Machine-sounding crap. This P-man 5000 song I think would work as the perfect pump-you-up, raging jock soundtrack to any sports clip, be it football, badminton, curling or whatever. Seriously, if we were eleven years old when this song came out, I don't see how we could have gotten pumped up when listening to it. I also have a special affinity for this song because our friend Christmas Faygo knows one of the dudes in the band and says that he's an alright guy.
2. Everlast "What It's Like": While most would agree that Everlast's best work was long-finished before he opted for a decidedly Jack Johnson-meets-G. Love route, I think this song is pretty good. I especially like the fact that a rich white man strumming an acoustic guitar to a backing drum machine track is telling me what it's like to sing the blues. Despite the song's inherent comedy, I find it to be relatively catchy. Almost groovy.
3. Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song": Now, this one I think I can lay a legitimate claim to actually liking because I was still a pretty young man (and a STP fan) when it came out. While the STP catalog as a whole is filled with a bunch of senseless grunge garbage, this jam has always jammed me in a special way words can not describe. I heard it on 96 Rock the other day, and it brought me back to a special place. While I can't admit to being particularly overjoyed at the news that Stone Temple Pilots is reforming, I can take some pleasure in knowing that Velvet Revolver is, for all intents, dead. Plus, we're *this* much closer to finally getting a listen to that "new" Guns'N'Roses album. Fuck yeah!... I guess.

Great Lands Ahead...

So we're starting this thing b/c lets face it our regular France site is old and busted and no one goes there and it never gets updated and we don't want Crog to waste money on it anymore.

This will be a good thing though. We're going to use this as a new release technology existence plain. You thought we had a lot of eps, just wait for the digital realm. Actually, we'll be posting some of the older (some out of print) EPs here in the near future for free download and shit. Plus some unreleased shit (and by shit i mean BADASSSHIT!) so shit its gonna be cool. I think we'll have merch for sale here too - tshirts, physical eps, foam bricks, etc.

Also this bloggernet thing will be updated so much more regularly by ALL 9 of us, so we'll be able to get our heads lodged even further up our own asses! Huzzah!

The new france email to contact us directly with free taquito coupons: