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Monday, September 15, 2008

Soul Fuckin' Power

Je Suis France - Soul Fuckin' Power

No one has as much fun in the studio as the France. Case of brew, your bros, and some aztec and the planets can align on a good day. This one is a bish studio gem. Afrikan Majik recording sesh for the rerecording of Working Overtime To Kill You (which sucked and had 1/100 the power of the original SA and Dark did). Ice, Dark, Oj, and Jeff just fuckin riffin. Didnt know bish was recording, but glad he was. Feel the jam.

Raw and uncensored.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just Be Friends - Live In The Lobby - 8-12-03

Just Be Friends
Live In The Lobby

Coming Out Party (Phone Jam)
Just Be Friends
Forklift Rodeo (ft. Bob Dylan)
Lonely Girl
Blue Shadows
Never Gonna Touch The Ground (ft Bob Dylan & Bob Marley)
The Heart Of A Horse Meets The Heart Of A Man


This was the Je Suis Dead show. Basically it involved us drinking pitchers on the porch of the Blind Pig an hour before the LITL and then stumbling up to the station after stopping for more beer. Bob Dylan and Bob Marley make their appearances and so does Darkness who was living in Dalton at the time. He called in from the bathroom of a restaurant to start the show and we had to try to play COP with him on a 3 second delay or something. Damn hilarious.

What if God was one of us?