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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sub Base Photo Shoot (Outtake)

Photo either by me or Will Burchard (the man).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Future Slayers

There are a lot of friends of the France, but there is one dude who we owe a lot. He is the widowmaker. He has done more for the france then a lot of folks and definitely has not gotten enough credit for it. His name is Greg Vagen. He also played guitar on "the lil'est angel". Back between the years of '01 and '05 he taped a ton of our shows for us. Last night he blew our fucking minds and handed us a DVD-R slammed full of 10 live shows during this period, uncut. Some of the performances are smokin', some are udder shit, but I think all will make there way here. Whats funny is some of the shows see us at our height, some see us at our butthole moment.

Either way, Greg not only took the time to record em, but also took the time to place em in our hands so you can catch a whiff of the manchild. thanks bro! Live jams to be posted as soon as i can separate the tracks.