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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Lands Ahead...

So we're starting this thing b/c lets face it our regular France site is old and busted and no one goes there and it never gets updated and we don't want Crog to waste money on it anymore.

This will be a good thing though. We're going to use this as a new release technology existence plain. You thought we had a lot of eps, just wait for the digital realm. Actually, we'll be posting some of the older (some out of print) EPs here in the near future for free download and shit. Plus some unreleased shit (and by shit i mean BADASSSHIT!) so shit its gonna be cool. I think we'll have merch for sale here too - tshirts, physical eps, foam bricks, etc.

Also this bloggernet thing will be updated so much more regularly by ALL 9 of us, so we'll be able to get our heads lodged even further up our own asses! Huzzah!

The new france email to contact us directly with free taquito coupons:


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